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Tea Towel Design Process 2 (week 42)

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On Monday I shared with you a selection of watercolour motifs. In the second part of my process I will show you how I create designs for the Tea Towels.

The design brief:  A bright fresh tea towel design featuring oranges, lemons & limes painted with watercolours


  • First I created a selection of repeat tiles by arranging the motifs within the tile.
 week 1 tile_9 week 1 tile_3b   week 1 tile_6  week 1 tile_7
  • These tiles were laid out and repeated to the shape of my tea towel. (52cm x 65cm tea towel size)
  • You can at this point see how the repeat is looking, and can then go back to the tile to re-adjust where you feel necessary.
  • You dont have to work with the tiles you can place your motifs directly onto the tea towel shape and arrange as I have done for the lemon and limes with little square borders
 watercolour-oranges-lemons-limes-repeat-pattern-design watercolour-oranges-pattern-design  week-1-tea-towel_7 watercolour-orange-lemon-lime-dot-repeat-pattern-design watercolour-limes-lemons-pattern-design
  • Once I was happy with the designs I went on to mock them up digitally to showing them as photographic images to see what they will look like once printed.
  • Once you get going you can with just a few motifs create numerous design ideas, I quite like the one where the lemons are overlaid on top of the spot design.
  • Working in this way you can quickly create coordinating designs that work together, maybe designing to sell in packs of two tea towels.
TeaTowel_10  TeaTowel watercolour citrus black pattern design 4  TeaTowel watercolour lemons block pattern design_7  TeaTowel watercolour dot pattern design_2 
 TeaTowel watercolour pattern design_5 TeaTowel_8  TeaTowel wattercolour citrus stripe pattern design_6   watercolour citrus pattern tea towel

Thank you for reading! I hope you have all enjoyed this small snapshot of how I create my designs and have given you some ideas of what you can achieve with your own artwork...

I will have more for you next week so please keep checking back.

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