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  1. Over the coming weeks I am going to share with you what I love about art & design and my own personal design process. 

    As a surface pattern designer I love to create art that can be applied to products and for my art to have purpose. As this is the first week I wanted to start with something bright, fresh & alive! 

    If you are intrigued as to what you can achieve with your own artwork, then follow my blog posts, I hope I can inspire you to try something different...


    Four month long stints of Chemotherapy & Stem cell treatment in a hospital bed got very monotonous for my partner Rich whilst at the Christie Hospital Manchester, we would watch box set after box set of drama series just to try escape the sterile enviroment, we watched a few series of 24, Jack Bauer was the hero! The funny thing was his consultant had the most uncanny resemblance to Jack Bauer, which made us smile as he was an actual real life hero, with out the guns or action hero drop rolls!